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V.1 - Atom Agency

Schwartz  & Yann


Zusammenfassung des Herausgebers Europe Comics

Atom Vercorian is trying to make it as a private detective in post-war Paris, and he just needs that one big case to make a name for himself. His father, a police detective, isn't making any headway in the case of a jewelry theft in the south of France. Atom, however, gets a lead that takes him and his partners, Mimi and Jojo, south to Marseille, where they meet ex-resistance fighters, gangsters, and henchmen. With audacity and enthusiasm, Atom and his cohorts dance their way through the worlds of organized crime, pro wrestling, and the ultra-rich in the pursuit of Miss France 1930's stolen jewels. This could be Atom's big break—if he survives the experience!"If you had to describe to someone a perfect example of a Franco Belgian Bandes dessinée, then you could do a lot worse than pointing in the general direction of Yann and Schwartz's effortlessly cool Atom Agency Volume 1: The Begum's Jewels" Pipedream Comics

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Band : 1 - Atom Agency 1. The Begum's Jewels