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V.2 - The Tipping Point

Boulet  & Bastien Vivès  & Katsuya Terada  & Frederik Peeters  & Paul Pope  & Keiichi Koike  & Bob Fingerman


Zusammenfassung des Herausgebers Humanoids

14 international creators—all renowned and all unique—present 13 short stories in this love letter to the endless possibilities of sequential art in all its forms. PUBLICATION IN 2 VOLUMES - COMPLETED WORK. Some of the world’s greatest creators have each written and drawn an original story that explores the key moment when a clear-cut split occurs, a mutation, a personal revolt or a large-scale revolution that tips us from one world into another, from one life to an entirely new one: The Tipping Point. From slice-of-life tales and science-fiction adventures, to amusing asides and fantastical fables, witness these major (and minor) changes and evolution through the eyes of these visionaries from the worlds of manga, bande dessinée, and comics.

Fortsetzung der Zusammenfassung

Band : 2/2 - The Tipping Point – Volume 2