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Author biography Xavier

Born in France in 1969, Philippe Xavier is a veritable globetrotter. At age 18 he left to study advertising in Argentina, followed by a stint as a graphic designer in Chile. At 22, he moved to the US, where he lived for 12 years, and broke into the comics industry. It was in 1996 that he began to illustrate comics for various publishers, as well as collaborating with magazines like "Heavy Metal." Following his experience in the US, he then published for Soleil "Le Souffle" and "Paradis perdu." In 2006, Xavier linked up with writer Jean Dufaux and publisher Le Lombard, and moved to Brussels, where the two creators teamed up for the long-running series "Croisade" ("Crusade," Cinebook). In 2017, he published the first volume of "Tango" with Le Lombard (Europe Comics in English), alongside Matz.

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