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Yves Sente

Author biography Yves Sente

Yves Sente was born in Brussels in 1964. When he was little, he read La Marque Jaune, Jacobs' masterpiece, over and over again. Little did he know at that age that The Adventures of Blake and Mortimer would determine his destiny...! In 1998, while he was working for Le Lombard, he worked with the cartoonist André Juillard on the script of "Machination Voronov", a new episode of the Adventures of Blake and Mortimer, a Cold War story acclaimed by critics and the public. Yves Sente then went on to write "Les Sarcophages du 6e continent", where he reveals the young life of Professor Mortimer. He confirmed his writing talents with "La Vengeance du Comte Skarbek," and then "Thorgal," alongside Rosinski. He then began the series "Janitor" (2007 Dargaud Benelux, "The Keeper" 2016 Europe Comics) with François Boucq, before going back once again to Blake and Mortimer in the "Le Sanctuaire du Gondwana," in the heart of Africa. In 2011, he started on yet another project: the adventures of XIII with Iouri Jigounov. In 2012, Yves Sente brought Blake and Mortimer to England for "Le Serment des cinq Lords" and later "Le Baton de Plutarque."

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