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Zezelj Danijel

Author biography Zezelj Danijel

Danijel Zezelj is a painter, an illustrator and the author of more than 20 graphic novels. He studied classical painting, sculpture and printing techniques at the Zagreb Fine Arts School in Croatia. His illustrations and comics have been published in magazines and anthologies in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Brazil, South Africa and the United States. In 1993, his first graphic novel "The Rhythm of the Heart" (Editorio del Grifo) was published, with a preface by Federico Fellini. In 1995, he moved to the United States, where he was published by several of the biggest names: DC Comics/Vertigo and Marvel Comics, as well as Harper's Magazine and the San Francisco Guardian. In 2005, Zezelj became the first comics artist to have his own exhibition at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. He has won several awards for his animated movies and graphic novels. In 2001, he also created his own publishing house of graphic novels and animated works, "Petikat," in Zagreb, Croatia. He illustrated the third volume of "Des Dieux et des hommes" (Dargaud; "Of Gods and Men," Europe Comics), alongside Jean-Pierre Dionnet.

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