The action takes place in the year of our Lord 788, in the exotic world of Suhiman, shortly after Suo‐the‐Red declares war against his neighbors. While hunting, Taho‐the‐Bold, a poacher, slays his people's symbolic animal, the ""Dragon King"". The latter sends him a gift before dying. Upon receiving it, Taho realizes that the dragon, the last female of its species, was trying to protect her egg. He realizes that he will now have to look after it and bring it to its brothers. Taho is made to carry out a mission of utmost importance, since the lives of his people now depend on that of the baby dragon! The spirited Taho is going to travel around the kingdom, face ruthless enemies, overcome great personal challenges and meet all kinds of colorful characters: Lieutenant Foudre and, above all, the mysterious White Claw, an expert in martial arts. In order to subdue the barbarity that is about to be unleashed, they will, each in their own way, cling to their traditions... With this series, the authors of Chinaman give us a new saga of adversity and the human condition. For the first time, TaDuc works in direct color, with splendid results. In turn, Serge Le Tendre, writes a heroic fantasy script filled with humor, one that is as close as they come to La Quête de l'Oiseau du Temps.

3 Volumes
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