The Bugle Boy

Clérisse Alexandre

The Bugle Boy - Clérisse Alexandre

Publisher's summary Europe Comics

Eighty-five-year-old Marcel lives alone with his memories of World War II — his short-lived days as a soldier before his capture and imprisonment by the Germans. He's got one thing left to do before he dies: find the bugle he buried by the Maginot Line. When his granddaughter Andrea stops by with her burgeoning rural taxi business, he hops a ride to the site of his regiment's defeat... only to find things have changed. This is Alexandre Clérisse's fierce, tender, and timely rumination on the horrors of war and the lies we tell ourselves."The Bugle Boy takes the real-life elements and uses them for an insightful examination of how we tend to look at the past but skew its reality with stories and circumstances that we need to hear." Comics Beat

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The Bugle Boy The Bugle Boy