Dark Souls - Artists Edition

“Jaw-droppingly gorgeous from start to finish.” – We The Nerdy Praise the sun – fear the dark! Showcasing the phenomenal artwork of Alan Quah, this exclusive artist’s edition offers a unique spin on Titan Comics’ unmissable adventure based in the world of the critically-acclaimed Dark Souls videogames. As her kingdom collapses into chaos and death, battle-hardened warrior Fira embarks on a perilous, last-ditch quest to save it. Allies are few, campfires are burned to embers, countless hordes of demonic and draconic foes stand in her way. Only with the aid of a duplicitous Scryer can she rekindle the flame that will return light to her world… if she doesn’t perish in the attempt! “I loved the artwork. Alan Quah delights throughout.” – Warped Factor

Dark Souls - Covers Collection

Marvel at this collection of cover artwork, preliminary designs, and never-before-seen illustrations created exclusively for Titan Comics’ Dark Souls comic series. Featuring contributions from legends of the industry including Josh Cassara, Michael Walsh, Ben Templesmith, Nen Chang and interior artist Alan Quah. “Jaw-droppingly gorgeous from start to finish!” – We The Nerdy “Captures the mood and tone of the fan-favorite game trilogy.” – Newsarama