"This is Ivan Gil and Frederic Richaud's wonderful adaptation of Patrick Rambaud's work on Napolean's greatest feats. After the battle of Essling, they take us through the disastrous Russian campaign, the infamous Berezina."

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V1 Berezina


1812. After the sort of lightning-fast attack he is known for, Napoleon and his colossal Grande Armee have ridden deep into the heart of Russia. But the Russians have no intention of letting him have his way, and several bloody and inconclusive battles have already taken place – no Austerlitz there. So, when the French finally arrive in Moscow, they’re exhausted, starving, weakened, and fervently hoping they’ll get a chance to rest … and maybe even accept the Czar’s surrender after the fall of his capital …

V2 Berezina


Moscow is now in French hands, but a large part of the city has burned down, and it’s been emptied of all food, fodder and warm clothes. Even as winter approaches, and against the advice of his generals, Napoleon insists on staying, convinced that the Czar will soon surrender to him. But both soldiers and civilians increasingly suffer from hunger and the cold, and the terrifying Cossacks constantly harry any troops sent out to forage for food …

V3 Berezina


In attempting to extend his fledgling empire eastward into Russia, Napoleon has misjudged both the enemy and the weather. Avoiding direct conflict, the Russian army frustrates his every move with "guerilla" tactics; it seems whichever way he turns, the Russians are lying in wait. As if that weren't enough to contend with, winter has arrived with a vengeance and the French forces are literally freezing to death. Must Napoleon admit defeat or sacrifice still more men to his dream of glory? Whatever he decides, he must cross the Berezina river--and the only bridge is in enemy hands...

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