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V.1 - Wolfenstein

Dan Watters  & Piotr Kowalski  & Ronilson Freire  & Brad Simpson

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( 2 Volumes )

Publisher's summary Titan Comics

A new comic from the world of the best-selling Wolfenstein videogames, written by Dan Watters (Assassin’s Creed, Limbo). Dive headfirst into the alternate universe of Wolfenstein, a world where the Nazis won the war thanks to super-advanced killing machines and vicious robot dogs. B.J. Blazkowicz returns to take on the Nazis in this new comic, based on the much beloved gaming franchise. Can Blazko stop the march of goose-stepping boots? Or will the sinister Hans Hartmann get his way?

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Volume : 1 - Wolfenstein - Volume 1 - Chapter 1