Guardians of the Louvre - Guardians of the Louvre

Guardians of the Louvre - Guardians of the Louvre

Guardians of the Louvre

Jirô Taniguchi 138 pages
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Publisher’s summary NBM ComicsLit

Acclaimed manga artist Jiro Taniguchi provides the latest entry in the Louvre collection of graphic novels. After a group trip to Europe, a Japanese artist stops in Paris alone, intent on visiting... Read more


NBM ComicsLit

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  • 01/05/2016




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Reviewed by Aittam
User rating:
I expected a comic for children, with some kind of warriors that protect the Louvre museum or something. Instead, it's the story of a Japanese man, that went to Paris wanting to visit some museums. But, bedridden by a sudden fever, he's forced to cramp up his program to the last three days. Deciding to visit just the Louvre, which is too big for just a few days, he's immediately bothered by the flood of tourists that fill the queues and the galleries, diminishing the true value of what is... Read more
Reviewed by Esta
User rating:
Jirō Taniguchi was probably the most Western-orientated of all the Japanese mangaka. His field of predilection was intimate accounts of beauty and inner feelings. “If my manga have something Asian, it is perhaps because I try to render as close as possible to the daily reality of the characters' feelings. If one penetrates in depth, a story can appear even in the smallest and most unremarkable events of everyday life. It is from these tiny moments that I create my manga. ». In the Guardians of... Read more

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