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V.4 - Peach Boy Riverside


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( 9 Volumes )

Publisher's summary Kodansha

Get ready for a story that will really resonate in your heart—this marks the beginning of a classic fantasy tale full of epic world building!! A princess who does not yet know her destiny and a boy driven by the urging of his mysterious “peach” powers—when these two meet, it kicks off an epic adventure!! A princess who aspires to see the world, Saltherine, asks a traveler, Mikoto, to take her outside the walls of her home country. But then a group of “ogres,” creatures with immense power, attack the castle, upending the princess’s peaceful homeland in an instant!! Sally has something she must accomplish, even if it means using a power so terrible that it could wipe out every last ogre. After defeating Juki to protect the Western Wood, she reaffirms that before setting out again to see the world with her comrades. Once they reach the next city, they begin hearing rumors of a “vampire” that drains victims of their blood?! Tune in for this fantasy adventure about a band of heroes who want to change the world, even if only a little, for the better! New arrivals in this volume include…angels?! Wait, does that mean someone dies?!

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Volume : 4/9 - Peach Boy Riverside 4