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V.5 - Peach Boy Riverside


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( 9 Volumes )

Publisher's summary Kodansha

Get ready for a story that will really resonate in your heart—this marks the beginning of a classic fantasy tale full of epic world building!! A princess who does not yet know her destiny and a boy driven by the urging of his mysterious “peach” powers—when these two meet, it kicks off an epic adventure!! A princess who aspires to see the world, Saltherine, asks a traveler, Mikoto, to take her outside the walls of her home country. But then a group of “ogres,” creatures with immense power, attack the castle, upending the princess’s peaceful homeland in an instant!! Sally and her merry band continue their journey to change, if only a little, this world where discrimination runs rampant. Meanwhile, Mikoto, who is traveling alone with a dog, encounters a girl who turns out to be the ogre who once attacked Sally, Millia. And for some reason she has amnesia…? How will Mikoto, with his intense hatred of ogres, react?! All the major characters come together for the latest chapter of Peach Boy Riverside: the “Barquend Martial Arts Tournament” arc!!

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Volume : 5/9 - Peach Boy Riverside 5