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V.1 - Army of Darkness

Elliott R. Serrano

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( 4 Volumes )

Publisher's summary Dynamite Entertainment

Collects Army of Darkness: Ongoing #1-7! Ashley K. Williams is a "Smart-Stop" convenience store clerk who saw her boyfriend "infected" and turned into one of the evil dead by an object from outer space. Failing to possess her as well, the alien object displaced her back in time to ancient Egypt. After seeing his image in a mystic portal, Ashley has been bouncing across time and space, driven by a singular thought: "Find Ashley J. Williams." She is everything he isn't: smart, cunning and sensitive. And she is able to control the dark force that would possess her. Her hatred of it is only exceeded by her hope that her male counterpart can help her understand her destiny. A destiny that can only be fulfilled by the true Chosen One.

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Volume : 1/2 - Army of Darkness Vol. 1 Hail To The Queen, Baby!