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V.1 - The Prisoner

Peter Milligan  & Colin Lorimer  & Joana LaFuente

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( 6 Volumes )

Publisher's summary Titan Comics

Following a botched mission in the Middle East, MI5 agent Breen’s partner and lover, Carey, was taken by the mysterious intelligence organization known only as The Village. Ordered by his station-head, Section, to gain access to The Village and liquidate Carey before she could be forced to give up her highly classified information, Breen refused the order, dramatically quitting the service and going rogue instead. He broke into the UK’s most closely guarded installations and stole the secret behind project Pandora, the UK’s most highly classified secret, determined to trade the information with The Village for Carey’s safe release. Becoming a target for both British Intelligence and The Village, Breen escaped to his safe house in Tuscany. However, four days later, a knock-out gas was pumped into his bolt hole and Breen awoke to find himself a ‘guest’ of The Village.

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Volume : 1/2 - The Prisoner - Volume 1 - The Uncertainty Machine - Chapter 2