V.5 - Empowered

Adam Warren & Various Artists

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Publisher's summary Dark Horse

After saving much of the superhero community from certain doom, costumed crime fighter Empowered is dismayed to find that, in the suspicious eyes of her caped colleagues, she's gone from being merely a "pair of training wheels for supervillains" to possibly being a closeted supervillain herself! Worse yet, she's wrestling with envy and resentment that her roommate Ninjette and boyfriend Thugboy are now more popular in masks-and-tights circles than she is! Meanwhile, our stressed-out superheroine must also unravel an alien-spawned body-image conspiracy, overcome "cosplay" dress-up disasters at work and in bed, and try to survive a potentially lethal confrontation with her teammate Sistah Spooky! * Empowered Vol. 1 is already in its fourth printing! * A New York Times bestseller! * Adam Warren's work on The Dirty Pair is well known to U.S. comics readers.

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Volume : 5/8 - Empowered Volume 5