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V.1 - C.5 - Anno Dracula: 1895 - Seven Days of Mayhem

Kim Newman  & Paul McCaffrey  & Bambos Georgiou  & Kevin Enhart

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( 5 Chapters )

Publisher's summary Titan Comics

Framed for an attempt to blow up Dracula’s Tin Jubilee river procession, Kate Reed is now running for her undead life, pursued by Dracula’s secret police force. Meanwhile, the Lord of Strange Deaths and his cohorts have used the commotion to commit the ‘crime of the Century’. Now Kate Reed, Irman Vep and Fah Lo Suee must team up for one final battle with the true architect of the terrorist plot before facing the ultimate evil of COUNT DRACULA himself…

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Volume : 1 - Anno Dracula: 1895 - Seven Days of Mayhem - Volume 1 - Chapter 5