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V.1 - C.3 - Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter

Dan Abnett  & Tom Mandrake  & Sian Mandrake

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( 4 Chapters )

Publisher's summary Titan Comics

Summoned to the town of Serechurch to rid its streets of a terrifying vampire lord called SLAKE, Vampire hunter KRONOS finds himself trapped in the vampires's lair and fighting for his very life against a horde of Slake’s minions who seem utterly impervious to most weapons, including direct sunlight, silver, garlic and even the power of a crucifix! Now it’s up to Carla and Grost to rescue Kronos before he himself is turned into one of Slake’s ghouls…

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Volume : 1 - Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter - Volume 1 - Chapter 3