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V.1 - C.4 - Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter

Dan Abnett  & Tom Mandrake  & Sian Mandrake

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( 4 Chapters )

Publisher's summary Titan Comics

Vampire hunter extraordinaire Captain Kronos and his trusty aides, Carla and Grost, have travelled to the town of Serechurch, somewhere in Eastern Europe, to help rid the community of a vampire infestation. There, Kronos learned from the town’s Elderman, Ermine, that a mysterious vampire Lord called Slake has taken over the old slum part of town and has risen a vampire army to do his bidding. Whilst on a recon of the vampire’s territory, Kronos found himself ambushed and fighting for his very life against Slake and his horde. Only the timely intervention of his apprentice, Carla, saved him from joining Slake’s undead army of ghouls. Now a bruised and battered Kronos, along with his two loyal cohorts, steel themselves for one final cataclysmic confrontation…

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Volume : 1 - Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter - Volume 1 - Chapter 4