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V.1 - Murdervale

Vicente Cifuentes

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( 3 Volumes )

Publisher's summary SAF Comics

Victor and Sara are going through a rough spell. The fact that his stressful job means he’s almost never home isn’t helping things. But when Victor collapses while arguing with Sara it is a wake-up call. The doctor practically orders them to get away. So they go on a much needed vacation. With no real destination in mind, they get in the car and drive. When they stop at a quaint store, the shopkeeper tells them about a town that is so remote it isn’t even on the map. When they get there, they find it is indeed quiet. Maybe too quiet. After checking into a strange hotel run by an even stranger old woman, Victor starts to wonder if this town – Murdervale – isn’t what it seems to be. Making things worse is the medication Victor is taking is causing nightmarish hallucinations. But what if they’re not hallucinations? What if the myth that an old witch lives there and has cast a spell on the town is true? What if by trying to get away from the hell of their lives, they have instead actually entered Hell?! Now it’s no longer about making sure their relationship survives. It’s about making sure they do.

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Volume : 1/3 - Murdervale