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V.3 - Murdervale

Vicente Cifuentes

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( 3 Volumes )

Publisher's summary SAF Comics

Victor is still haunted by terrifying memories of his time in Murdervale, where the evil witch tried to steal his child and his life. With Sara by his side, along with their beautiful daughter Valeria, they try to move beyond the pain and horrors. But there is evil still afoot. Evil that wants Valeria. Evil that won’t allow Victor to ever rest. If he is ever to feel his family is safe, and if he wants the nightmares to end, then he must go back to face the demons. He must return to Murdervale. But will this finally be his and his family’s salvation? Or will it send him into an even deeper, more terrifying nightmare? One that may never end.

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Volume : 3/3 - Murdervale