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V.1 - C.3 - Dan Dare

Peter Milligan  & Alberto Foche  & Jordi Escuin Liorach

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( 4 Chapters )

Publisher's summary Titan Comics

An airship of unknown origin arrived in the Sol system, broadcasting a strange un-decipherable signal and destroying one of the moons of Saturn as a show of strength. Dan Dare turned to his long-term nemesis The Mekon, currently undergoing behavioral therapy in his Moon-based prison, for his help in deciphering the signal. Dare than blasted off in his ship, Anastasia, with his trusted crew of Digby and Professor Peabody to investigate the alien ship only to be promptly attacked by it. The sudden intervention of a new spaceship dropping out of warp drive saved them from annihilation. After crash-landing on the moon of Proteus, Dare met the pilot of the new craft, an alien warrior princess called Au Taween who has been waging a one-woman war against the aliens ever since they destroyed her home planet. She agrees to join Dare in fighting the invading ship but informs him that in order to defeat the alien craft they must board it and then take control of the command center…

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Volume : 1 - Dan Dare - Volume 1 - He Who Dares - Chapter 3