The Tenth Doctor is travelling through space and time with his human companions, Gabby and Cindy, both from Sunset Park, New York City. The three have shared both tragedy and triumph in the TARDIS – but a chilling and potentially final separation looms in their near future, as the mysterious entities known as Time Sentinels weave skeins of fate into a deadly web, designed to ensnare them all… but that future has not yet arrived… Right now a bold new adventure awaits, just through the TARDIS doors! Plus, part one of a new story from the Thirteenth Doctor comic team!


V2 Doctor Who: The Road To The Thirteenth Doctor

Eisner Award nominee Jody Houser returns for the second arc of the Doctor Who ongoing series, as the Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) and her new companions venture out into the unknown.

V1 Doctor Who: The Road To The Thirteenth Doctor

At the end of his life, the Twelfth Doctor faced his darkest hour: losing his beloved companions Bill and Nardole in an impossible stand-off against the Cybermen, and losing Missy to herself, not long after. Mortally wounded in battle, he could see no reason to go on. He was willing to die a final death. But a surprise, time-twisting encounter with his oldest self, the first Doctor, led him to recover his desire to go on – to start again. It’s time for change. For regeneration. And the Doctor has a few things to say to the Doctor that is to come. For in his warren of memories and the many lives past lies the key to a brilliant future…

V1 Doctor Who: The Road To The Thirteenth Doctor

Time-twisting finale to the debut arc of the Doctor's new comic from Jody Houser!

V1 Doctor Who: The Road To The Thirteenth Doctor

Bestselling comics writer Jody Houser and fan-favorite artist Rachael Stott launch the Doctor into a new universe of unforgettable adventure! Featuring Jodie Whittaker as the first female incarnation of the Doctor. Bursting straight out of her hit new television adventures, this first collection of the Thirteenth Doctor’s comic book tales is a scorchingly fresh incarnation, taking the show – and its comic strip adventures – where no Doctor has gone before! Facing off against vile villains and misunderstood monsters in flavours both human an alien, the Doctor and her friends must push the limits of time and space, confronting evils deliberate and accidental all throughout history – and uncovering secrets long hidden and wonders never-seen along the way! Perfect for fans old and new alike, this is an awe-inspiring jumping on point to the Doctor Who comics mythos. Collects Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor #1-4

V1 Doctor Who: The Road To The Thirteenth Doctor

The Doctor has truly changed the lives of Graham, Yasmin, and Ryan, but their adventures have just begun… Chasing a mysterious temporal portal, the team discovered a man, trapped in a time loop! But in order to help him, the friends must first escape the clutches of the Army of the Just.

V1 Doctor Who: The Road To The Thirteenth Doctor

The bumpy ride for the Doctor, Graham, Yasmin, and Ryan isn’t over yet… and now Perkins wants to steal the TARDIS! But the Doctor feels there is more to this mysterious time wanderer that meets the eye – can she get through to him before he does something terrible?

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