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C.15 - Robotech

Simon Furman  & Ivan Rodriguez  & Pasquale Qualano  & Marco Lesko

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Publisher's summary Titan Comics

Ten years ago, a mysterious space-ship crashed on Macross Island… In the intervening years, the people of Earth have use the ‘Robotechnology’ from the ship to significantly advance their own technology. The ship – named by the humans as the Super-Dimension Fortress – actually belongs to a race of giant aliens, the Zentraedi. The Zentraedi attack and the crew of the SDF-1 are forced to space- fold away – take a chunk of Macross City (and its 70,000 citizens) with them. The SDF-1 has been in the midst of a long journey back to Earth. Along the way, the SDF-1’s Captain Gloval, was killed under mysterious circumstances and Lisa Hayes took over his position… Rick appears to have gone blind, but has somehow developed a different kind of vision – possibly connected to the Protoculture that powers Robotechnology. He is now concerned that Minmei has been affected… It emerges that Earth’s leaders had told the populace that the SDF-1 had been destroyed, in order to avoid panic about the threat of the Zentraedi. Lisa Hayes has been trying to persuade Earth’s leaders (including her own father) to let them return home, to little avail…Meanwhile, Earth’s Joint Chiefs have been preparing their own powerful defences against a possible Zentraedi attack… Meanwhile, Roy is being held prisoner by Dr Lazlo Zand, one of the first scientists to originally board the SDF-1. During his exploration, Zand had discovered a cloning facility – and the fact that the SDF-1 could travel through parallel dimensions… A deadly clone of Roy is doing Zand’s bidding on the SDF-1, and has murdered TR Edwards, who also knows the secrets of the SDF-1. And finally, Minmei has asked Rick to take her on a secret mission to Aluce Base, while Breetai has goaded Miriya into seeking revenge on Max Sterling.

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Chapter : 15 - Robotech - Volume 4 - Chapter 3