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C.19 - Robotech

Simon Furman  & Marco Turini  & Marco Lesko

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Publisher's summary Titan Comics

The SDF-1 has been in the midst of a long journey back to Earth. Along the way, the SDF-1’s Captain, Henry Gloval, was killed under mysterious circumstances and Lisa Hayes took over his position… Rick appears to have gone blind, but has somehow developed a different kind of vision – possibly connected to the Protoculture that powers Robotechnology. He is now concerned that Minmei has also been affected … and she has indeed begun to display strange abilities. Rick believes that his ‘brother’ Roy is dead – unaware that Roy is being held prisoner by Dr Lazlo Zand… Roy came across Gloval in a cloning chamber… A small group of Zentraedi aliens decided to shrink themselves down and defect to the SDF-1… Dolza threatened the people of Earth with destruction and then obliterated Los Angeles…

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Chapter : 19 - Robotech - Volume 5 - Showdown - Chapter 3