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C.21 - Robotech

Simon Furman  & Brenden Fletcher  & Hendry Prasetya  & Sarah Stone  & Marco Lesko

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Publisher's summary Titan Comics

Several years ago, a mysterious space-ship crashed on Macross Island… In the intervening years, the people of Earth used the ‘Robotechnology’ from the ship to significantly advance their own technology. The ship – named by the humans as the Super-Dimension Fortress – actually belonged to a race of giant aliens, the Zentraedi the crew of the SDF-1 were forced to space-fold away – taking a chunk of Macross City (and its 70,000 citizens) with them. And then, the long journey home began – with the Zentraedi being a constant, deadly threat along the way. On the journey, the SDF-1’s Captain Gloval, died and Lisa Hayes took over his position. Rick Hunter went blind, but developed a different kind of vision connected to the Protoculture that powers Robotechnology. Minmei was also affected and developed powerful abilities through her voice. Lazlo Zand kidnapped Roy and held him captive, and with a cloning chamber he found on the original crashed SDF-1, Zand created clones of Roy and Gloval. A devastating all-out war broke out between the Zentraedi Dolza and the humans of Earth – with massive casualties on both sides – while a small group of Zentraedi aliens defected to the SDF-1. Dolza was eventually defeated and peace seemed to return… But the story is far from over. The Invid are becoming a huge threat and it emerges that a life-support chamber had dropped into the ocean when the SDF-1 originally crashed into Macross Island. The chamber contains a young female…

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Chapter : 21 - Robotech - Volume 6 - Chapter 1